SOLID'ART become


Solidarity Beer for artists 

Beer of Belgian tradition.

The Covid-19 crisis causes the cancellation of all events in any form, and to this day, the authorities do not know and cannot give a date of resumption of cultural activities.


Artists are the first to be affected by these measures and prevent them from practising their craft. A complex situation with disastrous financial consequences for some.


Website or other social networks to express his anger are useless, you have to try something, you have to be concrete. This ambition very quickly materialized after some discussions with Damien DEMUNTER, CEO of BELGO SAPIENS brewery, JAZZbeer administrators join our project after 2 weeks with belgian music labels LYRAE - KROKO Music.




The concept

Use your network to propose our solidarity beer to your family, friends and acquaintances. JAZZbeer comes in a box of 12 or 24 bottles of 33cl. On each sale, SOLIDUS UNIT pays you the profits under the donation principle. SOLIDUS UNIT takes care of everything, from receipt of orders to delivery.

Blonde - 33cl - Vol.6,2°

brewed by

In practice

Send us your first and last name and proof of your status as a musician/ne (Website, social networks, Curriculum Vitae...).

Don’t forget to tell us your address and bank account.
Use the form below.


SOLIDUS UNIT will confirm your registration by return email. All you have to do is send your invitation to buy jazzbeer to your relations. 

As soon as you have requests, just send them to us by email, don’t forget the shipping addresses.


SOLIDUS UNIT will manage, prepare and send parcels from the BELGO SAPIENS brewery to the delivery address.

You will receive the donation on your account within 8 days after delivery.


Prices and conditions

Phone number  

12 X 33cl = 34,00€ TTC

24 X 33cl = 57,00€ TTC

Prices include delivery to you anywhere in Belgium.

Your income

12 X 33cl = 6,00€ net II  24 X 33cl = 12,00€ net

Production, packaging, materaial, handling : 27€ by 12b. and 49€ by 24b. - Transport = 7€ by 12b. and 8€ by 24b.

All orders will be sent upon receipt of the payment on the SOLIDUS UNIT asbl bank account : IBAN - BE71 65 11 49 76 4669  - Rue Pré du Pont, 24bis - 1370 Jodoigne.


We can publish invoices, thank you for providing us with useful informations.

Pour toute information complémentaire : 0496257442 ou

As a result of the exceptional aspect of the operation, we want to remain transparent to everyone,

from which the present edition includes all the conditions.

We take this opportunity to wish you to keep good health and courage.

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Integration and social reintegration through cultural events.

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Solidarity beer changes label following our collaboration with JAZZBEER

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